National Cash Pay Day Loan-John Michaels

Reston, Virginia 0 comments

I took out a payday loan of $250.I had all intentions of paying it back but when I missed one payment a guy by the name of John Michaels began calling me and calling me names such as " two faced, "crappy mom, low-life, worthless peace of ***, liar, two faced person" and the fact I "have to have two names because you can't spell one, etc".

He also called my friend, discussed my entire debt, cussed on their answering machine and called a relative and said "he was calling about my criminal activity. Heed this warning, before you get suckered into the extremely high interest rate that they charge and having to deal with such people as John Michaels!

I don't care how bad I need the money, I would look elsewhere and definitely would not do business with this company ever again!!!!

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